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Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey is a classic spirit, usually a blend of malted barley and cereal grains just as is Scotch Whisky. The biggest difference is that Irish Whiskey (beside being spelled with an "ey" ending) is traditionally triple distilled. Scotch Whiskey is traditionally double distilled. Irish Whiskey has always been the smoother spirit, while sacrificing some of Scotch's flavor intensity. 

Now, just as Single Malt Scotch has taken off, so has Irish Pot Still Malt Whiskey and Irish Single Malt. Without the cereal grains, using just malted barley, these whiskeys gain back some of the flavor intensity without giving up the smooth texture Irish Whiskey is known for.

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Reg. $44.99
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Tasting: Round and smooth with sweet, spicy, toasted wood notes. Dry yet smooth finish with a longering crispness from the pot still. (Great Value,Tried & True Award)- Amber color, with pretty orange core highlights. Nose is alive with toasted malt, more
Sku: 001636

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On Sale $64.99

Redbreast is a very special whiskey within the Irish Distillers fortified as itís the only 12 year old Pure Pot Still available. It was first launched in 1939 as the brand name given to the pot still whiskey supplied by Jameson to whiskey bonders ... more
Sku: 310086

Reg. $31.99

NOSE - Light and fruity with spicy aromas, vanilla note, nose developing into creme brulee TASTE - Gently warming‚ mouth coating texture. A touch of honeyHoney bee sweetness FINISH - Crisp‚ fresh finish‚ with a touch of ... more
Sku: 001622

Reg. $51.99

Color Golden honey Bouquet Powerful with floral notes Taste Sweet and spicy with a hint of vanilla and toffee. Very lasting finish.Almond-tinged and quite floral at first sniff. Orange blossom and toasted oats are rounded off by a sherry-like ... more
Sku: P44051

Reg. $64.99

Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix is an expression of the great history of our town and a celebration of our people. In 1785, Tullamore witnessed a devastating hot-air balloon accident. The resulting blaze nearly destroyed the town but immeasurably ... more
Sku: P57285

Reg. $65.99

Produced exclusively for Mitchell & Son. This Single Pot Still Whisky is unique to Ireland.Nose: Fresh aromatic oils and spices with orchard fruits and barley on a background of toasted wood. Taste: Full spicy body. A hint of cloves along with the ... more
Sku: P57765

Reg. $73.99

Ultimate Beverage ... more
Sku: P59882

Reg. $36.99

The original blended Irish whiskey, known the world over for its smooth and gentle complexity. For one, it is triple distilled and patiently aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and sherry casks, developing its distinctive smoothness. Secondly, being  more
Sku: P60382

Reg. $35.99

Two heads are said to be better than one, and this whiskey adds serious weight to that argument. Emerging from a conversation between our head distiller and the head brewer of Corkís Franciscan Well Brewery, Jameson Caskmates has been finished ... more
Sku: P60802

Reg. $51.99

It is fully matured in Californian red wine barrels resulting in an intensely fruity and beautifully amber liquid, with lush berry notes. Hand selected casks, bottled at 46% with no chill filtration to ensure all the unique flavour is captured.... more
Sku: P61185

Reg. $171.59
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  Sku: 1939595  

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24% discount on 6 bottles for $215.34

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Reg. $55.99
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John L. Sullivan Irish whiskey is a small batch blend of single grain and single malt whiskeys, aged 4 to 10 years in Single Use Bourbon Barrels. It consists of only the finest, individually selected barrels, pulled for their unique character ... more
Sku: 1571720  

Reg. $52.59
24% discount on 6 bottles for $239.94

We handcraft our Blended Irish Whiskey by carefully maturing it in the finest oak casks for a minimum of six years. The matured whiskey is then skillfully blended to deliver the smooth taste profile that is unique to a forgotten Irish Whiskey of ... more
Sku: 2007031  

Reg. $87.59
24% discount on 6 bottles for $399.54

Our Single Malt Irish Whiskey has been matured exclusively in ex-bourbon barrels for at least 10 years. Our Malt Master carefully samples the aged whiskey, cask by cask. He will only select single malt which overlays the original mellow, rich and ... more
Sku: 2007032  

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