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Japanese Sake and Wine

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Umeshu is a Japanese ume fruit liqueur with a pleasant, citrus tang. This refreshing dessert drink can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or served hot.Delicate aromatics, well-balanced acidity and mild sweetness. The Japanese believe that UME is ... more
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Alc/Vol: 14.7% Rice Polishing Rate: 70% Rice Varieties: Yamadanishiki Nihon Shudo (Sake Meter): +3 (dry) Serving Temperature: Chilled or room temperatureThis versatile sake is excellent for pairing with festive menus such as sashimi, sukiyaki, ... more
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Seimaibuai: 69% Nihonshudo: -40 Acidity: 6.0 Amino Acidity: Rice: Akebono Yeast: #9 Shubo Method:Kohon Tohka Pressing: Yabuta Filtration: None Resting: Pasturization:... more
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The aroma of this sake bursts out of the glass. Floral, fruity, funky and complex, it accurately precludes the matching flavors of this sake. It finishes lively to the end, with a bright, snappy acidity. Great on its own, an apogee of ginjo sake,  more
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Technically qualifying as a junmai ginjo, this junmai is a great introduction to sake. It is earthy and mushroomy in the nose but reveals light, fresh notes of grapefruit and melon on the palate. Its structure is open and dynamic, its body light, ... more
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This delightfully refined honjozo is rich and dry, with complex notes of spices and nuts. Just a hint a sea breeze causes this classic example of the Niigata Style to pair well with shellfish, cooked vegetables or roast turkey.... more
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Jinkoo is a Japanese distilled spirit specialty made with sweet potato from the Southern Satsuma, Kagoshima region, in Japan. It has an elegant aroma with sweet, rich and mellow taste. Jinkoo Imo is best served on the rocks, with a splash of water, ... more
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Shichifukujin, The Seven Dieties of Good Fortune, hails from the Iwate prefecture, the origin of th Nanbu brewer clan. It features a soft, delicate flavor and is aromatic.... more
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Omachi rice is one of the best and oldest sake rice varieties used for sake and is also the hardest o grow. This sake has a an excellent nose of rice and herbs with a touch on anise on the palate. An ideal sake to drink room temperature or gently ... more
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A great example of a Junmai Daiginjo from Akita prefecture. This sake starts with aromas of flowers and melon, and ends with a smooth taste with hints of sweetness. This semi-dry sake is perfect with lobster and other steamed fishes. Serve chilled.... more
Sku: 045311

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