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Kosher Wine

Kosher wine is made according to strict Jewish tradition, and is made under the supervision of a rabbi. To be strictly kosher, once opened a wine can only be handled by people who keep kosher and observe the sabbath, unless it is labeled Mevushal. Mevushal wine is flash pasturized, which sometimes affects the flavor, but may be handled by anyone.

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2009: 88 Points - Kim Marcus, Wine Spectator: "Mouthfilling, with firm, fresh and flavorful notes of boysenberry, dried currant and red plum. Offers lots juiciness and spice midpalate, with a long finish of vanilla and milk ... more
Sku: 043498

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  Sku: P13382

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Mouth filling structure with richness among flavors of white peach. pears, green apple and spice. Good weight and crispness.... more
Sku: 059062

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