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New York State Wines

%REPLACE_PWR% New York is the third largest U.S. producer after Washington State. When wine produced from out-of-state grapes is included, however, it becomes the second largest, producing roughly 5 percent of all the wine consumed in the United States.

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Reg. $5.99

A sweet but balanced wine with a generous mouth feel. The distinct aroma and flavor of fresh Concord grapes. Every step of the Manischewitz winemaking process is 100% Kosher, and certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. ... more
Sku: 003019

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  Sku: P59686

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This tangy refreshing wine has clean vibrant citrus notes adding complexity to the fresh and juicy ... more
Sku: 041330

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Located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, Greenhook Ginsmiths is a small, artisan distillery owned and operated by Steven DeAngelo. Their custom made copper alembic still has been specially engineered to work under a Mercury Vacuum, ... more
Sku: 050123

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Our unique aging process produces a mildly sweet, smooth spirit with hints of vanilla and caramel. A uniquely warm spirit, suitable for any convivial occaison. It is the first bourbon made in New York and the first legal pot-distilled whiskey to be ... more
Sku: 030081

Reg. $59.99

Made with Pure Limestone Mineral Water from the Widow Jane Mine, Rosendale New York. Widow Jane Whiskey is imbued with both the strength of the past and the forward looking energy of the world’s most magnificent and maddening metropolis. New ... more
Sku: P43936

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  Sku: 056265

Reg. $29.99

Read what Florence Fabricant had to say about this delicious Damson Gin, a near cousin to Sloe Gin. NY Times Averell Damson Gin ... more
Sku: 044045

Reg. $24.99

Starting with the purely finest ingredients available, our Crop Harvest Earth Vodkas are USDA certified organic, artisanal vodkas produced from grain grown on America’s plains. Crop organic grain is harvested from fertile, healthy soil free of ... more
Sku: 034128

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  Sku: l055130

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  Sku: P59330

Reg. $14.99

This delightful red wine has become an instant hit with our fans. This easy-drinking wine is a blend of grape varieties that thrive in the Hudson Valley's cool climate. Fresh strawberry and red cherry fruit aromas are sprinkled with black pepper and  more
Sku: P59329

Reg. $14.99

This perky blend features sweet citrus on the nose with honey, over-ripe pear, and light peach flavors ending with a clear floral note. Light sweetness but great acidity balances the flavor. Fuller bodied with medium-long finish, Awosting White is a  more
Sku: P59327

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