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Reg. $16.99

Made from French Anjou pears - 100% pure and natural.... more
Sku: 202308

Reg. $16.99

Made from wild French raspberries - 100% pure and natural.... more
Sku: 202307

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Reg. $44.99
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Depending on the time of year, our master distiller acquires the special variety of Pear Williams fruit from three continents. Then, using the same methods of production handed-down over four generations, the results are a produkt of such exquisite ... more
Sku: 034363

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  Sku: 024133

Reg. $89.99
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In addition to normally bottled pear brandy, we do a special bottling of pear-in-the-bottle. To make pear-in-the-bottle we actually grow the pear inside of the bottle in our orchards, and then fill it with our pear eau de vie. This practice of ... more
Sku: 023461

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  Sku: 019113

Reg. $79.99
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The opulent bouquet features scents of pear fruit and nutmeg. Entry is ripe, properly acidic, tart to off dry and balanced; the midpalate is pleasingly fruity, a touch baked and a bit minerally. Ends up medium-sweet and tasting of peel and fruit ... more
Sku: 019110

Reg. $32.99

A very worthy competitor to the best Calvados, in our opinion. We crush and ferment the whole apple, using Golden Delicious apples grown in the Yakima Valley, and distill. Following the customs of the Calvados makers of Normandy, the high proof ... more
Sku: 015415

Reg. $15.99

Made with premium apricot distillate, this fine brandy smacks of summer.... more
Sku: 013946

Reg. $59.99

  Sku: 010894

Reg. $59.99

  Sku: 010893

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