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Reg. $16.99

Made from French Anjou pears - 100% pure and natural.... more
Sku: 202308

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  Sku: 001189

Reg. $16.99

Made from wild French raspberries - 100% pure and natural.... more
Sku: 202307

Reg. $16.99

This liqueur is made with extracts of mouthwatering blackberries and fine brandy.... more
Sku: 130731

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Reg. $34.99

A high-quality, three times distilled plum brandy made the same way for centuries, preserving R. Jelinek’s long-dated recipe. Kosher for Passover Silver Slivovitz, made of the best well-matured plums, has smooth, slightly almond taste.... more
Sku: 042334

Reg. $39.99

Both cultivated and wild raspberries make this a delicious brandy, well worth trying. Elegant collector’s items, the Apparat series hand blown bottles inlaid with fruit renditions embody the glass blower’s technical brilliance, are ... more
Sku: 040508

Reg. $44.99
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Depending on the time of year, our master distiller acquires the special variety of Pear Williams fruit from three continents. Then, using the same methods of production handed-down over four generations, the results are a produkt of such exquisite ... more
Sku: 034363

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  Sku: 024133

Reg. $89.99
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In addition to normally bottled pear brandy, we do a special bottling of pear-in-the-bottle. To make pear-in-the-bottle we actually grow the pear inside of the bottle in our orchards, and then fill it with our pear eau de vie. This practice of ... more
Sku: 023461

Reg. $79.99

  Sku: 019113

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