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The berries of Blueberry are picked up in summer and immediately introduced in bottles filled with liqueur blueberry prepared with infusion of grappa, sugar, selected juice and natural aromas.... more
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Nardini Grappa is the indisputable leader in the quality grappa market, and is obtained by a process of double distillation and cold filtering. APPEARANCE Transparent and crystalline. NOSE Frank, generous and immediate fragrance.... more
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Created from pomace of Nebbiolo from Barolo. Its color is rich amber, from aging for a minimum of four years in small barrels. Amply perfumed, with deep and vivid flavors of toasty vanilla. Warmly full-bodied; generous in character.Maestro ... more
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We make grappas distilled from really great wine grapes. All the varietal characteristics come through, with plenty of rich deep flavor. These grappas make you understand what’s special about an old, hand-operated cognac still: elegance and softness, more
Sku: 130076

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Made by infusing chamomile blossoms in Nebbiolo grappa. Its calming qualities also aid digestion. A delectable digestivo created from a traditional recipe of the Langhe region.Marolo’s meticulously hand-crafted Grappa & Camomile is a liqueur ... more
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Transparent in colour, the nose is complex and harmonious, with recognizable notes of Sangiovese. Warm, smooth and full on the palate, with a clear but not aggressive taste of alcohol.This grappa is produced by distilling the marc left after ... more
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Founded in 1977 in Alba, Italy, proprietor and head distiller Paolo Marolo creates his eponymous grappas by following two simple rules: source superior, single varietal pomace and press it as soon as possible. Freshness is so essential to Paolo that  more
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Somewhat pungent aromas of honey and grapes. It is fresh and mineral driven on the palate with subtle floral and pear flavors. The texture is dry and slightly dusty. The finish is crisp, dry and refreshing.41% ... more
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