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California Wine

California is America's most important winemaking state. From North to South, there are an abundance of regions that are capable of producing outstanding wines.

The most famous grape growing area of California is the Napa Valley, north of San Francisco. Nearly to Napa's stature is the neighboring Sonoma County. Each of those areas have subregions that have their own specialties, though Napa is more tied to Cabernet Sauvingon while Sonoma, being far larger and having a coastline, is more diverse.

Further south, Monterey and Santa Barbara have also had great success in producing fine wine. Santa Barbara's success was celebrated in the movie Sideways, which is also credited with finally making American Pinot Noir commercially successful.

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Sangiovese, the ubiquitous grape of Tuscany, was brought to California by 19th century Italian immigrants who felt homesick for their native wines. Today, Sangiovese has lost ground to more fashionable varieties, but what’s still planted there feels  more
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A medium-bodied wine, our Sangiovese is fruity and crisp with tones of raspberry and cranberry. The finish has gentle tannic structure and mild spice.... more
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Long Meadow Ranch wines are renowned for their elegance and balanced style. Our sustainably farmed vineyards allow us to bring extraordinary flavors and integrity to your table.... more
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Modeled after the classic Italian wine, Opici Chianti is nicely balanced with vibrant acidity, making it well-suited for pairing. Pleasant fruity aromas and a touch of spice define this medium-bodied wine that is full in flavor. Opici Chianti is a ... more
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Bacio Divino was founded by Claus Janzen in 1993. His wine epiphany occurred while working winter seasons in Switzerland’s Berner Oberland. While in Switzerland, he fell in love with Burgundy. The wine was a Chorey-les-Beaune and it had a ... more
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Our grandfather first worked with Sangiovese in the late 1800's during his tenure as winemaker at Italian Swiss Colony. His Sangiovese plantings on our Home Ranch are the oldest in America, dating back to 1910. They are also the rich source of four ... more
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Growing and producing world class Sangiovese is not for the faint of heart. Rattlesnakes, thistle and America’s most unique clone of Sangiovese are all that thrive atop Rattlesnake Hill on the Seghesio Home Ranch. The 40% slope, shallow topsoil and ... more
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