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Rueda is One of the most well-known white wines of Spain, made in the central region.

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This new project is a joint venture between Jorge Ordonez, Enrique Busto and the Gil family of Jumilla. One of the most impressive wines I have ever tasted from the region of Rueda, the fruit is sourced from very old low yielding vines whose average  click for more details
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Naia has a distinctive character that is notable for its aromas of limes, musk and kiwi, together with the classic plant-like qualities that are typical of Verdejo. It is beautifully fresh and presents a long and dry finish that gives way to a ... click for more details
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Light, crisp and easy drinking. Notes of grapefruit, lemon, peach and spring flowers. Good balanced acidity; great with seafood, pastas and chicken.... click for more details
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Blanco Nieva Verdejo is produced entirely from Verdejo, the renown and noble white grape varietal from the Rueda region. Blanco Nieva has a sophisticated character with a crisp aroma: a soft, clean flavor; and a long, smooth finish. Serve chilled ... click for more details
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Welcome Spring with this enticing and refreshing Spanish White! Rey Santo Rueda is a blend of Verdejo and Viura. Aromas of fresh white peaches, pear and orange peel. Light and enticingly fresh with nuances of lime, kiwi and White Cranberry. ... click for more details
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