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%REPLACE_PWR% New York is the third largest U.S. producer after Washington State. When wine produced from out-of-state grapes is included, however, it becomes the second largest, producing roughly 5 percent of all the wine consumed in the United States.

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Reg. $5.99

A sweet but balanced wine with a generous mouth feel. The distinct aroma and flavor of fresh Concord grapes. Every step of the Manischewitz winemaking process is 100% Kosher, and certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. ... more
Sku: 003019

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This tangy refreshing wine has clean vibrant citrus notes adding complexity to the fresh and juicy ... more
Sku: 041330

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  Sku: l055130

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  Sku: P59330

Reg. $14.99

This delightful red wine has become an instant hit with our fans. This easy-drinking wine is a blend of grape varieties that thrive in the Hudson Valley's cool climate. Fresh strawberry and red cherry fruit aromas are sprinkled with black pepper and  more
Sku: P59329

Reg. $14.99

This perky blend features sweet citrus on the nose with honey, over-ripe pear, and light peach flavors ending with a clear floral note. Light sweetness but great acidity balances the flavor. Fuller bodied with medium-long finish, Awosting White is a  more
Sku: P59327

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  Sku: P59217

Reg. $18.99

One of the oldest vinifera grape varieties known to man, Rkatsiteli is an elegant dry wine ... more
Sku: P58882

Reg. $25.99

Riesling that has mineral, stonefruit, and hint of citrus. Dry and crisp on the finish. In a word, ... more
Sku: P57884

Reg. $13.99

A slightly sweet, but balanced and not overblown wine. Tasty and well done.... more
Sku: P57717

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  Sku: P44071

Reg. $32.99

Long Island LagreinÉdelicious, singular, expressive and downright super-cool! Pair this dynamic ... more
Sku: P43887

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  Sku: P18677

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