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%REPLACE_PWR% New York is the third largest U.S. producer after Washington State. When wine produced from out-of-state grapes is included, however, it becomes the second largest, producing roughly 5 percent of all the wine consumed in the United States.

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Riesling that has mineral, stonefruit, and hint of citrus. Dry and crisp on the finish. Lovely.... more
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This lightly carbonated Riesling bubbles forth notes of apricot and pear, making an ideal aperitif or Bellini cocktail mixer. Delighting in the abundant Riesling grape, our winemakers created this fun, lighthearted, semi-dry and bubbly wine. The ... more
Sku: 055538

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95% discount on 12 bottles for $12.00

Unique grape, from one of the oldest and most repected wineries in NY. Complex, a little hint of ... more
Sku: P58882

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A special bottling of Dry Riesling, the Reserve draws from specifically identified lots, ... more
Sku: P58676

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Wild berry, mineral, and some great notes of cooked meat and hay. a very complex interesting high ... more
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Other than being local and sustainable, which I think suits the occasion, I love how it expresses purple, black and blue fruits like plum, blackberry, and blueberry with a bitter-sweet tone, earthiness and little bit of spice. This wine is low in ... more
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