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Buying Older Bottles: Judging the Risks

Buying Older Bottles: Judging the Risks

The risks  and rewards of buying older bottles explained.

Every bottle of wine is its own little organic chemistry experiment. In an more
Champagne Basics

Champagne Basics


To start, in order to be called more
Cotes du Rhone Basics

Cotes du Rhone Basics

The Cotes du Rhone one of the best value areas of the entire store. The Rhone has had a string of excellent vintages, starting in 1998 and with just a couple of more

Christophe Jaume from Domaine Grand Veneur

Christophe Jaume from Domaine Grand Veneur

Christophe Jaume, son of Alain Jaume and one of the proprietors of Domaine Grand Veneur and the negociante Alain Jaume et Fils, was recently in New more
Beer, Wine and Liquor - What's the Difference?
Beer, Wine and Liquor all contain alcohol, but what's the more
About Chardonnay
Chardonnay is perhaps the most malleable of grapes - terroir and winemaking can make two Chardonnays that are unrecognizable as coming from the same grape. Here's why. more
Bordeaux: An Introduction

Bordeaux Basics

An introduction and overview of the Bordeaux wine region.

Bordeaux is arguably the most important, certainly the most widely imitated, wine region in the world. more
Bart's Biodynamic Blog
How Biodynamics Battle the more
Bart's Organic Blog #2

With organic viticulture taking on an ever growing presence in the more

4 Tips For Pairing Food and Wine
Red wine with meat, white wine with fish isn't the end of the story. more
Organically & Biodynamically Grown
As many of us have begun incorporating wine into a healthy lifestyle, a healthier wine is not just an option, it's also a necessity. Concerns over chemical residues in the foods we eat have lead more
Sweet, Dry or Tannic?
Clear up the confusion about the term dry, as used by consumers and people in the wine industry. more
About Complexity
It's easy to listen to the first violin in a string quartet. You can pick it out from the other instruments and listen just to it. It's a lot harder to pick out the first violin in a symphony. It is more
What's in a Name?
For us wine drinkers, the answer is "quite a lot!" But first a bit of history. Historical event #1: Prohibition. The U.S. suffered this piece of legal insanity for fourteen years. more
In Search of the Rhône
One of the four major rivers of Europe, the Rhône has its glacial origins in the Swiss Alps; it flows westward into France, then south until it finally, sluggishly flows into the Mediterranean at more
Antinori: Peppoli Estate
Located five kilometers northeast of Santa Cristina, the 100 hectares (247 acres) Peppoli Estate has 62 hectares (153 acres) under vine, which yield Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico DOCG. more
Bienvenidos a Argentina!
Depending on whose statistics you use, Argentina ranks as either the fourth or fifth largest wine-producing country in the world: it produces five times what Chile does . . . in fact, it produces more
The Languedoc
The Languedoc? Devote a whole issue to a part of France that isn't one of the classic regions? Why? Well, there are several more
Lazin' Down the Loire
The Loire Valley seems to us a very good place to be this time of year, for here we find a tranquil, lazy riverscape that slows the world down to an easy, manageable pace. more
Seriously Summer!
July seemed to us the ideal month to address full-force the issue of summer: look a month back to June, and it was barely summer . . . more
Portugal: From Isolation to Innovation
Our destination this month is Portugal, that narrow strip of a country that sits on the Western flank of the Iberian peninsula. Secluded geographically - and for the better part of the last century, more
Antinori: Tignanello Estate
The Tignanello estate is the home of the renowned Tignanello and Solaia vineyards. It is located between the Greve and Pesa Valleys in the heart of the Chianti Classico area, 20 miles south of more
Aussie Vines and Wines
When the thirteen original North American colonies won their battle for independence, Mother England was faced with a curious problem: what to do now with her massive convict population (remember, more
Cape d’Estaing
Winemaker: Mike Farmilo, Robin Moody Kangaroo Island is one of the most beautiful locations in Australia. It’s right off the coast of Adelaide and when you stand on the Southern Shore all you see is more
Geoff Weaver
Geoff Weaver is an immensely gifted winemaker who left his position as chief winemaker for BRL Hardy to focus solely on his own label. more
Hutton Vale
John & Jan Angas It would be safe to say that John and Jan Angas have some of the deepest family roots in all of South Australia. more
Vega Sicilia
To lovers of Spanish wines, Vega Sicilia needs no introduction. The 100 hectares estate is by far the most prestigious wine producer in Spain, ranking with the world's greatest names. more
A Mid-Winter Holiday
What could be a better preventive measure against the mid-winter blahs than a quick trip to Italy! We'll visit six different regions . . . more
Vivent les Femmes!
A few years ago, I was invited to do an interview on the wine segment of the Bloomberg Network. My host, Al Bassano, graciously offered me my choice of more
Alicante Bouschet No matter what color their skins, the great majority of wine grapes have clear juice. Very few have red colored juice... more
Wines of the Northern Rhone
An insight into the major appellations of the Northern more
Wine School
Eric Asimov explains the beauty and complexity of Rioja. more

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