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Grilled Skirt Steak

This recipe is for a sliced steak that emphasizes the beef. The seasonings used are there to accent the innate, savory flavor of the meat. Most skirt steak is sold for fajitas, but this is a completely different preparation. Fajitas uses Mexican spices and peppers, while this uses traditional European seasonings.

The herbs and spices are combined in the oil and then rubbed onto the meat. Allowing the meat to rest for a half hour before cooking will allow the flavors to permeate the meat. The grilling is quick, over a hot fire. Letting the steak sit for a full five minutes before slicing will keep more of the juices in the meat instead of on the cutting board.

Cabernet Sauvignon (or Cab Blend) is a pair this up with a that will complement the meat. It isn't the only wine that would work, but definitely the most classic. Good Merlot, Sangiovese or Syrah based wines would also be good matches. For now, I'll stick with the Cabs, since that's our theme this month.

The Chateau St. Jean is a steal at $10.99 a bottle. Valentin Bianchi (Famiglia Bianchi) makes terrific Cabernet (and Malbec) in Argentina. If you're going all out, it would be hard to beat the Chimney Rock Stags Leap District Cab. It has a deep, rich, dark core that I find incredibly delicious.

  • 2 Lbs. Skirt Steak
  • 4 Cloves Garlic, Finely Minced or Pressed
  • 1 Teaspoon Paprika
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Granulated Onion Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Celery Seed
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Turmeric
  • 1 Tablespoon. Finely Minced Fresh Oregano (1 Teaspoon Dried Can Be Substituted)
  • 1 Teaspoon Very Finely Minced Fresh Rosemary (1/4 Teaspoon Dried, Ground Can Be Substituted)
  • 1 Tablespoon Finely Minced Fresh Thyme (1 Teaspoon Dried Can Be Substituted)
  • 1 Teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Coarsely Ground Black Pepper
  • 3 Ounces Olive Oil

  1. Add all ingredients (except steak and Salt) to a mixing bowl and whisk together thoroughly.
  2. Rub the mixture vigorously into the steak. Let stand for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Grill over a hot fire for 4 minutes, turning once every minute.
  4. Take off the grill and let rest for 5 full minutes.
  5. Slice into 1/4 inch slice at a diangonal to the grain of the meat.
  6. Serve with your favorite side dishes - baked potato, corn on the cob, cole slaw, sour pickles, etc.

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