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Two Zins with Barbecue

Yesterday, we had honest to god, slow cooked, mesquite smoked, barbecued ribs. My brother used a great rub, using ground coffee and hebs and spices.

We drank two excellent Zinfandels. We started with the Ridge Three Valleys. Very rich and slightly spicy, It was able to stand up to the ribs. As good as it was, I think that next time I'll go back to my favorite Ridge wine, the Ridge Geyerserville. That one is spicier, and I think it would have been better suited to the ribs. Of course, when I bought the wine, I had no idea how the ribs would taste, since this was the first time he made them this way.

The second Zin we had was the Green and Red Chiles Canyon. While not as jammy as the Ridge, it was crisper and spicier and worked better withour dinner. Everyone at the table was very impressed with this one. There is no question I'll be reaching for this one again before the summer is over!

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