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Geoff Weaver

Geoff Weaver is an immensely gifted winemaker who left his position as chief winemaker for BRL Hardy to focus solely on his own label. He planted his vineyard back in 1982 in the Adelaide Hills because he felt that it was the best location possible to grow Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. In addition to handling the winemaking chores, Geoff does all the vineyard work by himself. He reckons that the care and effort he puts into the property is reflected in the quality of the wine. Geoff is also a very accomplished artist; he even painted the artwork on the label.

About 2002 Sauvignon Blanc The 2002 growing season was the coolest ever recorded in the Hills however, thankfully, Autumn was near average warmth and this saved the day. The harvest of Sauvignon Blanc was our latest ever on April 15th and 20th. The grapes from each of our vineyards were ripe, dry and full of flavour, with high acid levels and intense fruit. Crop levels were low at 2 kg per vine, ensuring concentration of flavour. All of the fruit is from Geoff’s vineyard in Lenswood and was brought in, crushed, de-stemmed and gently pressed. The clear juice is allowed to settle and then it is cold fermented to dryness. The approach is retain the fresh aromatics of the fruit and not to generate any harsh extractives which produce coarseness on the palate. The nose of the wine shows intense gooseberry and tropical fruit with a hint of cut grass. The palate is intensely flavoured with the fruit elements apparent on the nose carrying through to the palate. This wine will be at the peak of its youthful vibrancy in the first two years but following the pattern on previous vintages will develop the mineral character of a classically aged Sauvignon Blanc over a decade or so. This is the first time we have sealed our Sauvignon Blanc with a screw cap and has been done in order to retain the fruit intensity, cleanness and freshness of the wine as well as enhancing the ageability. Only 1400 dozen were produced.


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