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Hutton Vale

John & Jan Angas It would be safe to say that John and Jan Angas have some of the deepest family roots in all of South Australia. Way back in the 1830s, Johnís great-great grandfather George Fife Angas was a British businessman who became interested in South Australia as a territory free from religious persecution (he was a dissenter). Over several decades, he invested heavily in the region, eventually immigrating to the area himself in 1851. Shortly afterwards, the town of Angaston was founded and Angas encouraged (and enabled) Lutheran immigrants from England and Germany to relocate to the Barossa. He was instrumental in setting up free schools in the region and expanding the commercial prospects (including mining and farming interests). The Angas family has played an integral role in the Barossa Valley ever since. John Angas took over the farming from his father. The idyllic Eden Valley property is among the most scenic in the state. Vines have been a part of the family history almost since they moved there. The current vineyards were planted some thirty years ago and prior to 1994, all the grapes were sold to other wineries. However, John and Jan realized that the grapes they grew were better than the resulting wine so they decided to take things under control for themselves. In the succeeding vintages, they have engaged several winemakers to produce small quantities of wine from the best grapes of their harvest. Presently Chris Ringland makes their Riesling. The Angasí attention to detail doesnít end with the strikingly attractive bottle; John was so dissatisfied with the boxes that were available that he designed the cardboard boxes himself! In the meantime, Jan has a full-on commercial kitchen in the winery that she uses to make the Farm Follies preserves, jams and other products made from fruit grown on their own property. This is an entirely hands-on wine and food operation that avails itself of modern techniques while never for a moment forgetting the responsibility that comes from being a member of the first family of the Barossa Valley.

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