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Special Tasting Series: What's Up Israel?

Thu, October 25th 2012 4PM-7PM
1st Floor
Special Tasting Series
What's Up Israel?
Wines from The Mediterranean

Israelis are restoring their winemaking roots. Optimism for viticulture in this Mediterranean climate has soared over the past two decades. There are now 400 wineries and counting. While Israel may still be searching for its wine identity, we strive to bring you the most promising selection. In this ten week series, we taste our way through the wines of Israel.  From The Golan Heights down to the Negev, wine is what's up.

Wines are always 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted.

Teperberg White  2011

Dalton Alma White 2011

Dalton Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher 2011

Dalton Anna NV

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