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Ode to Orange: An Orange Wine Series

Thu, October 25th 2012 4PM-7PM
2nd Floor

Ode to Orange

An Orange Wine Series

What is orange wine? 

Simply, orange wines are white wines made the way red wines are. That means crushed white wine grapes remain in contact with their skins before pressing. At this time, the “orange” hue develops from the color in the skins, all the while developing tannins, structure, and retaining acidity, to be sure.

Each Thursday, you’ll be able to discover these compelling (and curious!) wines hailing from around the globe, including Italy, France, and the U.S.

All wines are 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted. Wines featured tonight can be found below.

Paolo Bea Santa Chiara 2010

Paolo Bea Arboreus 2007

Cistercensi Rusticum 2009

Borc Dodon Scodavacca 2003

La Maliosa Bianco 2010

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