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Special Winemaker Tasting: Jamie Peterson of Peterson Winery

Thu, November 15th 2012 4PM-7PM
1st Floor

Special Winemaker Tasting

Jamie Peterson of Peterson Winery

It's not by coincidence that Jamie helms winemaking at Peterson Winery. He’s been helping his father at the winery since the age of 12 when he used to label each bottle by hand (watch out for those mid-1990's crooked labels...). He literally grew up in the vineyards and cellar.

Jamie’s winemaking philosophy follows that of his father: Great wine is about place, (and time/vintage), and not about how much the winemaker can change a wine to suit a certain style. He continues a low tech/high touch approach here, with the only major changes from the methods of his father being sanitation practices (use of steam cleaning for water conservation, etc.) and an adoption of a "gravity-flow" handling of the fruit.

Join us tonight in welcoming and tasting several of Jamie’s wines.

All wines are 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted. Wines featured tonight can be found below.

Peterson Zero Manipulation 2009

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