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Bonterra Organic Wines

Thu, September 1st 2016 4:00PM-7:00PM
First Floor


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Note from the winery:

What is wine? Some might say itís a fine beverage meant for a glass. We wonít argue with that. But we at Bonterra believe that a wine should also be a perfect expression of the grape from which itís made and the land on which those grapes are grown.

That belief informs everything we do here. Itís why we grow lavender, olives and hundreds of other plants in addition to grapes, and why chickens and sheep roam amongst our vines. Itís why youíll see bird and owl boxes fixed atop scattered posts. All these small details help make our vines some of the strongest in the world, and that shows through in our wines. Because we know that diversity on our ranches is imperative for the health of our grapes and our ecosystem.

What is Bonterra wine? Itís a family of bright, fresh and balanced varietals just as theyíre meant to be. Our organic growing approach creates grapes that are pure, vibrant and intense in flavor. This provides our winemakers with the very best fruit from which to work. From there it is simply about delivering the best expression of that fruit from our vines to your glass.

All wines poured are 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted.

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