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Exceptional Tasting Series: Summer of Riesling - Alsace

Thu, August 8th 2013 4:00PM-7:00PM
Second floor

Exceptional Tasting Series

Summer of Riesling


If one mentions Riesling, most may turn away from it under the assumption that it is ‘their grandmother’s wine.’ But this varietal is so much more than that. The world’s most noble grape can range from dry to sweet to everything in between, making it the ultimate wine to pair with food (and not just with Chinese food.)

With historic roots in Germany, Riesling has traveled the world and is now grown all over, with each region producing terroir driven styles. This wine is no longer just for your grandmother, but for the young and young at heart. If you need convincing of Riesling’s growing demand and popularity, just turn to Chateau Ste. Michelle, Washington’s largest wine producer. This winery has led the revival of this grape throughout the state and their most recent vintage signals the greatest production of Riesling the world has ever seen. This is truly a varietal to be reckoned with.

Join us each Thursday throughout July, and a little into August as well, as we travel the world to sample each region and toast to Riesling.

All wines poured are 10% off unless otherwise discounted.

Jean Ginglinger Riesling Cuvee Bihl 2011
Paul Blanck Riesling Classique 2012

*don't forget to sample the mushroom tarts too!

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