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Taste St. Daumary Pic St. Loup 2010 with Zoubir Ouarti from 3 Compères Wines Inc.

Thu, September 26th 2013 4:00PM-7:00PM
2nd floor
Free Wine Tasting

3 Compères Wines Inc.

Taste St. Daumary Pic St. Loup 2010 with Zoubir Ouarti from 3 Compères Wines Inc.

All wines poured are 10% off unless otherwise discounted.

About Zoubir:

My experience with wine started when I use to go pick grappes at my parents friends vinyards when I was six years old.

Growing up in Languedoc amongst wine makers set a precedent for what I have been building these past few years.

My travels made me better understand the complexity of wine and taste the many differents great wines one can find.

Whereever I was, few people would know about my region and its wine hstory. I would always find wine amateurs/aficionados to talk to and have exiting/pationate wine conversations.

The reason I chose to focus on wine from Languedoc-Roussion is:

  1. Primarly because its where I grew up-hence the region i know best.
  2. The diversity of wines that can be found in LR is amazing. Thanks to its unique diverse soils through out.
  3. While many other reagions in the world a well knowfor their fabulous wines. LR is not as known and I trully believe it is the wine region many will turn to when looking for finest wines at an incredible value.

My primary focus is on hand-crafted, terroir-driven wines from Southern France - from Languedoc-Roussillon.

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