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2013 World Best Cognac- Louis-Royer VSOP Force 53

Fri, March 21st 2014 5:00PM-7:00PM
2nd floor
Free Tasting


2013 World Best Cognac
Louis-Royer VSOP Force 53

 Attractive dark straw gold color, leaves thin coat on swirling. Could be mistaken for a bourbon in color. On swirling it starts with a scalloped edgeline then forms very thin legs or tears.

First Impression: Dried fruits, dark fruits like plums, apricots, with some nice oak, and a touch of leather and tobacco.  Adding a little water opens it up nicely and yields even more of the above scents.

Almost more whiskey like in some ways compared to some cognacs in terms of the oak and tobacco element but these are melded with dried fruits, saddle leather and floral elements that are distinctly cognac. A bit more of a closed, masculine bouquet than their other expressions, but a well balanced and interesting spirit.

Simple clear glass apothecary bottle (bell) tastefully executed deep blue with white and gold print oval/lozenge shaped label and matching neckwrap and finished with nicely solid silver colored screwcap that seals well. The shipping/gift canister is made of sturdy finely pierced metal and the metal label is riveted to the canister. A very masculine but classy presentation.

Their trademark/seal/crest is a bee whet meaning of which they state is : “diligence, an efficient and lively organization, and regional and craftsman work.” Nicely said.

Final Thoughts: A nicely done, smooth, balanced cognac with some real backbone and punch to it (in a nice way). Value is excellent especially if you consider you are getting a much higher proof .

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