The Call of Port with Paul Masters of T.Edwards Wines

Fri, January 17th 2014 4:00PM-7:00PM
2nd floor

The Call of Port

Port, the drink historically associated with the English but known the world over, is more than just a sweet, heavy, highly extracted wine. Within the two main styles - Ruby and Tawny - there is a great deal of variety and diversity, with many Ports packing a deep warmth coupled with impressive complexity. Now that winter is in full swing, most of us will seek precisely these qualities in the wines we drink, and Port (if given the chance!) can tie together a satisfying and pleasurable evening. Come discover this much overlooked (but hardly stodgy) wine with us! Over the next month, 67 Wine is proud to host a series of tastings dedicated to shining the spotlight on a classic favorite. Join us and heed the Call of Port!


Paul Masters of T. Edwards Wines will be pouring Quinta Santa Eufemia (a dry red wine and 10 year Tawny).

All wines poured 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted.

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