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Thursdays in February - Back to Bordeaux! with Guillaume Vialle

Thu, February 27th 2014 4:00PM-7:00PM
2nd floor
Free Tasting

Thursdays in February -
Back to Bordeaux!

Bordeaux is perhaps the world's most famous wine region, owing this position to its long history and its capacity to produce complex, individual and long-lived wines. In recent years, this position at the top of the wine world has also made Bordeaux the subject of a fair bit of criticism - the quality has been called spotty at the lower end, and the prices at the upper end have grown astronomically. At the same time, the modern wine drinker has seen many of the world's newer wine regions as far more accessible and easier to understand and appreciate...

We believe that Bordeaux - for all its multitude of producers and somewhat prestige-driven prices - can and DOES present value for us everyday drinkers, and we are setting out to prove that this month.

Join us on Thursdays in the month of February as we explore the wines of this legendary region, traversing a variety of price points, appellations and styles. Everything from the everyday to the premium will have its moment in the sun (or in the twilight at least, since our tastings are held from 4 till 7pm), and you'll have plenty of reasons to come
Back to Bordeaux!

Tonight, Guillaume Vialle will be pouring three Bordeaux Reds:
  • Chateau Bernadotte 2009
  • Chateau Bernadotte 2005
  • Sarget de Gruaud-Larose 2005

All wines are 10% off unless otherwise discounted.

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