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Greek Wines

Thu, July 30th 2015 4:00PM-7:00PM

Greek Wines
Hard to Pronounce... Easy to Drink!

Wines to be poured:
  • Domaine Sigalas Santorini 100% Assyrtiko 2014 >>
  • Domaine Sigalas AX Assyrtiko/Athiri Blend 2014 >>
  • Alpha Estate 100% Malagouzia AIXA 2014 >>

All wines poured are 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted.

Greek wine and wine making is as ancient as the marble columns that line the Parthenon. Archaeologists have uncovered winemaking artifacts from Greece that date as far back as 1600 BC, as the area played an enormous role in wine trade. We can even credit the Greeks with establishing an appellation system to ensure quality and place of origin.

Today’s Greek winemakers, with a nod to antiquity, are working to bring Greek wine back into vogue. Updated winemaking technology blended with the nation’s 300 indigenous grape varieties (some of them ancient) has done much to elevate the modern-day perception of Greek viticulture. The Greek climate is also a winning combination: ample sun, minimal rainfall and abundant poor soil set the stage for some serious grape growing.

Greek wine does appear to have it all—history, climate and uniqueness.

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