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Special Winemaker Event: Natural Winemakers' Week

Fri, February 17th 2012 5PM-7PM
1st Floor & 2nd Floor
Special Winemaker Event
Natural Winemakers' Week

We’re celebrating Natural Winemakers’ Week with three winemakers from Jenny & François Selections. We’ll host winemakers from Haut la Vigne, Sablonnettes, and Loup Blanc. Get ready to taste, talk, and learn more about these stunning wines. Curious about what all this "Natural Wine" talk is about? Check out our very own Ben Wood and his article on the topic on the 67 Wine blog

All wines are 10% off during the tasting unless otherwise discounted.

Wines being tasted tonight:

Haut Lavigne Duras Rouge 2007

Haut Lavigne Duras Blanc 2010

Sablonettes Cop d'Bord 2010

Minervois Loup Blanc Regal De Loup Red 2009

Loup Blanc Le Trois Petit Red Vin De Pays 2008

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