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The first bottle of Boomsma ’Oud Friesche’ Beerenburger was produced around 125 years ago. This distinctive bitters became widely popular in no time. Today Boomsma offers an extensive range of drinks. Many of these are distilled and bottled in house. At the beginning of the Nineteen Seventies Boomsma started to import a selection of quality wines from around the world. Conversely, many litres of the Boomsma range have been distilled for export. The demand in other countries for whisky, vodka and rum has been increasing for years and typical Dutch genever and bitters are becoming more and more popular abroad. In contrast to most other distilleries, Boomsma Distilleerderij is still an independent family owned business. The fifth generation is now in charge, thereby ensuring that old traditions are cherished and new ambitions fulfilled. Anyone who wants to find out more is welcome to visit the Boomsma Museum. This charming museum in the city centre of Leeuwarden also houses an inviting tasting room.

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Boomsma’s Genever contains a high percentage of “malt wine” and its 100% pure grain distillates have a light aroma of juniper berries. Double distillation according to the traditional Frisian recipe gives it its extra smooth ... click for more details
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