Emilio Lustau
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The "Don Nuno" Oloroso is best served as an aperitif with blue or strong-flavored cheeses, or as a digestif with nuts after a meal. It should be served at cool room temperature.NV: 89 Points - James Molesworth, Wine Spectator: ... more
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Pedro Ximenez is the name of the grape that produces this extraordinarily concentrated Sherry. The "San Emilio" is almost black in color. The aroma is the essence of sweet raisins. On the palate, the wine is very sweet, smooth and unctuous. This ... more
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90 Points – Wine Enthusiast: “Dark amber in color, with maple, walnut and other sweet-meets-nutty aromas. It’s a bit tangy, but being as zesty as it is propels maple, white chocolate and apricot flavors. This one has depth and a very long ... more
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Perhaps the best value dessert wine in the Lustau portfolio. This extraordinary Cream Sherry seeks to replicate the ancient style of Cream Sherry that was discovered quite by accident. Trading ships sailing to the Indies in the 16th century ... more
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Moscatel is the name of the grape that produces this wonderfully balanced dessert wine from Lustau. The wine is golden-brown in color with a slight green tint around the edge. The green is indicative of the wonderful, fresh acidity that gives this  more
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This wine, partially aged under a veil of yeast like the Finos (the biological process) completes its ageing without the yeast (oxidative process). Soft and dry, a light, freshly nutty style of Amontillado with just a hint of wood and smoky ... more
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The Rare Cream Sherry "Solera Reserva Superior" is extraordinary. Hints of dried fruits can be perceived in the aroma as well as brown sugar, caramel and figs. While it is sweet on the palate, the wine shows a mature smoothness combined with enough ... more
Sku: 011743

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The "Emperatriz Eugenia" Oloroso features concentrated flavors and aromas of smoky wood, fruit, prunes, and bitter chocolate.This fine, rare wine is smooth and warming, leaving a clean, light, and crisp finish. It is ideally served at cool room ... more
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