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ENATE defines itself as a winery for the 21st century. An aseptic and functional residence for wine, which has got nothing to do with the dark subterranean image that has mould and humidity as its main characteristics. It seems our modern era has better allies in design and form. The winery is laid out with geometric precision. Its design repeats a rhythm of straight lines and edges and ignores any curved line. They are exclusively reserved for the barrels in which the wine ages. The architect has instantly captured the intense luminosity of the area and has transformed it into the spacious interior in such a way that you always retain the sensation of being outside in the sunlight. In this building this might be the best example of the play between nature and architecture.

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Selected from our single vineyard called "234" in Enate Valley.Intense Chardonnay bouquet of apple, peach, fennel and exotic fruit (guava, passion fruit) with a discrete mineral background. On the palate the wine is complex with rich mouth filling ... click for more details
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Cherry coloured with an intense and complex bouquet, rich in smoky, spicy tones over a base of ripe fruit. With balanced tannins, this wine is full bodied with a long, toasty finish.Enate Crianza is a blend of 70% Tempranillo and 30% Cabernet ... click for more details
Sku: 043597


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