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GAINTZA has a long and proud history that goes back four generations in Lazkano family, manufacturing, production and sale of Txakoli. The great-grandfather Jose Antonio already produced txakoli from its vineyards in Golindo farm house, for family use and to sell it in the villages around. Since the creation of Gaintza cellar in 1923, until the last expansion in 2012, has been in continuous transformation, walking toward the future. In Gaintza, we feel love and respect for our land and our viniculture heritage. We are passionate for the best of our traditions and we try to adapt them to XXI century, joining the modern technology with the production more traditional. We are committed to preserve the richness and beauty of our land to the joy of future generations.

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This excellent txakoli is the outcome of the work done at the vineyard, with great caring on all its vegetative cycle, so after a very selected harvest comes the elaboration at our cellar with traditional skills combined with the latest technologies. click for more details
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