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Color: yellow with intense coppery highlights

Nose: broad and complex, with flowery notes of wild roses, acacia blossom, tropical fruit and apricot;

Palate: fruity, elegant and full-bodied, with a good follow-though on the back palate and  more
Sku: 100295

Reg. $67.89
24% discount on 6 bottles for $309.54

The 2011 Rosazzo is a soft, open-knit to drink now and over the next few years, while the flavors remain bright. White pear, peach, flowers and mint add the final shades of nuance in this expressive, layered white. The Rosazzo is a blend of Friulano, more
Sku: 1910202  

Reg. $36.39
24% discount on 12 bottles for $331.08

A variety originally from France, Sauvignon was introduced into Friuli under the Hapsburgs and became widely planted in the early 20th century. The wine is refreshing and captivating, with a generously wide, distinctive range of aromas, with notes ... more
Sku: 1957953  

Reg. $96.99
24% discount on 6 bottles for $442.74

Created in 1981, Terre Alte is considered one of Italy's most prestigious white wines. The balanced blend of Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon grapes, estate-grown at Rosazzo in the historic Terre Alte vineyards, yelds a superbly elegant wine ... more
Sku: 1960005  

Reg. $27.39
24% discount on 12 bottles for $250.68

The blending of varietals in Vertigo serves two purposes. Merlot, which has been traditionally used in Friulan viticulture, forms a link between Friuli and the rest of the world. Cabernet Sauvignon adds balance and complexity to the wine, giving ... more
Sku: 1917716  


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