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Americaís first whiskey distilling company, Michterís rich history dates back to 1753 when a farmer in Pennsylvaniaís Blue Mountain Valley distilled his first batch of whiskey from hardy rye. At one point a Master Distiller left his familyís well-known distillery to join Michterís so he could be at a smaller, less cost-conscious company where he could make the finest whiskey, cost be damned. We continue this grand distilling tradition in Kentucky by never releasing our whiskeys until both our Master Distiller Willie Pratt and our panel of whiskey tasters deem them ready. In fact, our whiskey is often much older than the age statement on the label. At Michterís we produce single barrel ryes, very small batch unblended American whiskey, very small batch bourbon, and single barrel bourbon.

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We are proud to offer you our Small Batch Bourbon. In the Michterís tradition hailing from Americaís first whiskey distilling company, this bourbon is made from a proprietary mashbill that features the highest quality American corn and is then ... click for more details
Sku: 016343

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Michter's US #1 Rye is made from select sheared rye, which concentrates the grain's flavors during fermentation. Notes of spice, black pepper, marmalade and plum. Aged in fire-charred, new American white oak barrels.Pleasant mix of sweetness and rye  click for more details
Sku: 019123

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A soothing bourbon, with maple syrup, blackberry preserve, polished leather, roasted nuts, marzipan, vanilla toffee, dusty dates, subtle tobacco, and a hint of pedro ximinez sherry. Soft, flavorful finish. The oak is kept in check, with layered ... click for more details
Sku: 053341

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Michter's Sour Mash is made according to their classic Sour Mash method. This involves adding small amounts of previously fermented mash are used as a starter for the new mash. Michter's Sour Mash is then further mellowed by their signature ... click for more details
Sku: 053706

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We never add neutral grain spirits to stretch our Unblended American Whiskey. Thatís why Michterís US*1 Unblended is the most richly flavored American Whiskey we have ever tasted.Off-market for two years. Nose of caramel, sugar wafers, and a touch ... click for more details
Sku: 068007

Reg. $299.99

The "Best American WhiskeyĒ according to Food & Wine magazine, this rare single-barrel bourbon is distilled according to the Michterís tradition and quality standards dating back to the year 1753, over two decades before the Declaration of ... click for more details
Sku: 132763

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Released in December 2013, Michterís Celebration Sour Mash marked a category-defining moment for ultra-premium American whiskey. The extraordinary Michterís Celebration Sour Mash blend consists of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Kentucky Straight Rye ... click for more details
Sku: P57281

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This is one of our limited production items. Our rare 10 year-old single barrel release continues the legacy of Americaís first type of whiskey, rye, from Michterís, Americaís first whiskey distilling company. A complex rye with spicy full flavor ... click for more details
Sku: P58436

Reg. $79.99

Renowned for rye, Americaís first whiskey, since our founding in 1753, we take production of every barrel of Michterís Rye very seriously. Our US*1 Rye is made from select American rye grain that is sheared to enable the saturation of more flavor ... click for more details
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