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Buyer for: Austria, Burgundy, California - Cabernet, Pinot Noir & Zinfandel, Grappa, Italian Red Wine, New Zealand, Oregon, South Africa

I sometimes shake my head in disbelief when I count the nearly four decades Iíve been selling wine. Much has changed since I began, and much of it for the better: thereís greater diversity of styles, and the availability of whatís out there is staggering. Yet even with over 35 years of experience, I still consider myself a student of the vine. Every year, every vintage opens up a new chapter to explore and discover. Not a day goes by when I donít learn something new, either from grape growers, winemakers, my ultra-knowledgeable colleagues, or the savvy shoppers that visit our store.

Over the years, my interests in fitness and nutrition eventually have led me to organic viticulture and winemaking, while my spiritual side drew me to biodynamic farming. If eating well is part of your daily regimen, so too should be choosing wine. When I see people making wine a part of their healthy lifestyle, I feel great knowing that Iím taking part in something positive.

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Bart's Pick:

di Giovanna Nerello Mascalese 2013

Wild cherry, smoke and pepper with a long and elegant feel on the palate.

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Reg. $12.99

Karl Fritsch is one of the most dynamic and highly rated winemakers in the Wagram region, known for creating distinct terroir reflective wines. GrŁner Veltliner is the top white wine grape of Austria.
This wine is crisp and dry, with juicy ... more
Sku: 050734

Reg. $16.99

Wild cherry, smoke and pepper with a long and elegant feel on the palate. Just like Nebbiolo is best appreciated in a Burgundy glass so too is Nerello Mascalese.... more
Sku: 041864

Reg. $19.99

Bright ripe blackberry and cassis aromas with a touch of mocha and vanilla. Look for mineral, herb and black peppercorn notes as nose opens. A round, lightly tannic entry leads to a dry-yet-fruity full body of vibrant berry fruit and brown spice ... more
Sku: 014982