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Paulís introduction to fine wine was as a recent college graduate back in 1985 with the heralded release of 1982 Bordeaux. His interest then expanded to California wine, then to Australian and Chilean wines, before going back to Europe and discovering the wines of Italy, Spain and the rest of France. Paul has been in the wine business since 2001, first working for a small importer and then in retail. At 67Wine, he manages the website, and also serves as the buyer for Rhone Wines and Single Malt Scotch.

Buyer of: Rhone Wines, Single Malt Scotch


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Reg. $34.99

2012 "Deep, sultry layers of blackberry, blue fruits, currants and toast massage the palate with enthusiasm and the texture and length speak to a domaine that knows its vineyards well. If you encounter a better value in Ch‚teauneuf- more
Sku: 040742

Reg. $28.99
On Sale $26.99

'Wine tells a story that reflects the land, the grape variety, and the winemaker’s decisions. For some wines, the story is all about the fruit. In others, it’s the secondary flavors. This wine is better than classic Rhone Syrah - it tastes as ... more
Sku: P60762

Reg. $15.99

Young vines, declassified St. Joseph.,100% Syrah,Tank - no oak,Black pepper, wood smoke, bacon fat on nose.,Peppery, green olive, a little light on fruit, just travelled will probably open up.Sourced from 100% Syrah young vines planted in a ... more
Sku: 043313

Reg. $34.99
On Sale $29.99

St. Joseph doesn't have to be 100% Syrah, but most, including the 2013 Francois Villard Poivre et Sol (pepper & soil) are. That doesn't mean they all taste the same. One of my jobs as a wine buyer is to make sure that there is a reason ... more
Sku: P61124

Reg. $21.99

Dark, dark Grenache shows up first in this Cotes du Rhone Villages. Blackberry and cassis are wrapped in a layer of earthiness. Fennel and herbs de Provence flavors round out the package. The Boisson is surprisingly full bodied. Blending in 20% ... more
Sku: 022203

Reg. $18.99

Medium to full bodied, full of dark red and blue fruit. Tannins are soft, but clearly present. Besides the primary fruit, the wine is seasoned with flavors of anise, baking spices, lavender, which add to the whole. Very food friendly, with a ... more
Sku: P44102