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Beth left medical school in 1999 to pursue her passion for wine. She began working for a popular New York City wine boutique, honing her ability for finding delicious, reasonably-priced wines and sniffing out the overpriced ones. As her knowledge progressed, so did her appreciation of the wines of Burgundy, Rhône, the Loire Valley, and Piedmont. In 2004, Beth became Wine Director at (now sadly defunct) Total Wine Bar – one of Brooklyn’s first wine bars. In 2008, Beth was tapped to help open one of Harlem’s first wine bars. At the end of 2008, Beth returned to retail – where she continues to enjoy helping customers match their dinner plans with an appropriate wine purchase. At 67Wine, Beth continues her passion for Piedmont by buying Italian white wine for the store. She has led wine tasting workshops throughout New York City and has traveled as far as Jamaica to share her expertise. Beth comes from a long line of excellent family cooks, and when she’s not teaching others about wine, she can be found preparing meals to enjoy with friends and family. She likes the occasional geek wine, but still prefers red and white wines to orange ones.

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The perfect food partner! An elegant blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Bourbelenc, and Clairette, this white Lirac leads in with a delightful nose of white flowers and peach, which come through in a more savory fashion on the palate. A silken finish lends polish and finesse. Very dry white-peach fruit, subtle grassy notes, and balanced acidity make it great with vegetables, seafood or cheeses.

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Reg. $22.99

Despite being made from a red grape, Bellis Perennis is actually a blanc de noir—a white wine made from red grapes (the skins are removed before fermentation). Blanc de noirs really aren't that hard to find, but they are when they're made from a ... more
Sku: P57405

Reg. $18.99
On Sale $16.99

This Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc blend from Salice Salentino, Puglia, may be unusual and somewhat rare—this region is better known for its reds—but it’s definitely not weird. In fact it’s an elegant, pleasant wine that's wonderful for everyday ... more
Sku: P59486

Reg. $19.99

Specializing in mono-varietal wines of classic and local origin, the Endrizzi family makes all of their wines naturally, rejecting of he usage of pesticides and chemical cleaners for the winery. The 100% Müller Thurgau, lightly perfumed and crisp, ... more
Sku: 134506

Reg. $16.99

This Sauvignon Blanc from Piedmont – a region better known for its legendary reds – is a delight. With an alluring nose of white flowers, citrus fruit and a hint of grass, followed by silky citrus fruit and subtle vanilla notes on the palate. There ... more
Sku: 057646

Reg. $17.99

Citrus fruit aromas, in particular grapefruit and lime. Fresh and lively on the palate, supple and round, with volume. Subtle balance between fruit and mineral, alcohol and acidity. It is full of finesse and style. The finish is delicately suave and  more
Sku: P59447