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Rand has had a passion for wine since he was but a tyke growing up in Austria. At the tender age of five, he would stealthily make his way around the table after dinner parties, as the adults were saying their good-byes in the hallway, and drain the last drops from each glass. Even then he could not imagine anything more alluring than the heady aroma of those last resiny droplets of Zweigelt or the honeysuckle-scented dregs of Riesling shimmering at the bottom of crystal goblets.

Later in life, Rand became fascinated with the process that transforms the humble grape into the magical elixir Hemingway called “one of the most civilized things in the world” and began to read everything he could get his hands on about viticulture and wine making. Inevitably, his studies led him to explore the world’s many wine regions, grape varieties, and wine styles, and to share his fascination with others as a freelance wine educator and adviser in Utah.

In 2012, after 20 years in the credit industry, Rand’s passion for all things wine took a radical turn. He decided to move to New York to pursue his wine education more seriously and to begin a full-time career in wine. Rand now gets to share his love of Riesling and the many other wonderful Teutonic whites and reds at 67 Wine as buyer for German wines. He is always excited to turn our customers on to something new, fun, and delicious in the fascinating world of wine.

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Domaine Weinbach 2010 Gewürztraminer
Clos de Capucins * Réserve Personnelle * Organic

Pair a bottle of this exceptional white from Alsace with some local cheeses and you have the makings of a wonderful evening.

The Story
Why I Bought ThisFood Pairing

Gewürztraminer isn't my everyday go-to white, but when I want to relax with a good book while sipping a compelling glass of white wine, or am in need of a great match for pungently spiced Asian dishes or powerful, aromatic cheeses, the intoxicating floral and spice aromas of Gewürztraminer are just the thing. For those times when I do crave Gewürz, as we like to call it, I want something powerful and showy yet elegant and eminently dry—please, no sticky lychee-flavored sugar water! My favorite Gewürz comes from Alsace, and more specifically Domaine Weinbach, one of the producers that invariably turns out great Gewürztraminer in pretty much every vintage.
The Domaine, appropriately named “wine brook” after the brook that winds its way through the property, has a long history. Its Clos de Capucins vineyard, from which today's featured wine comes, served as the walled convent of Capuchin monks as early as the 9th century, and in 1612 the Capuchins established it as a wine producing domaine.
Since 1898 Domaine Weinbach has been under the ownership of the Fallers, one of the prominent Alsace winemaking families. Throughout most of the 20th century it was led by Theo Faller, a man known for his tireless efforts to improve the quality of Alsace wines, and for being influential in establishing Alsace as an AOC. Today Theo Faller’s passion for great wine is carried on by his daughters. Weinbach's wine culture is deeply rooted in respect for nature, and in keeping with this spirit the Faller daughters began converting the vineyards to biodynamic methods in 1998. Today all the vineyards are farmed biodynamically.

The sunny microclimate of Kaysersberg Valley as well as the variety of soils ranging from granite to limestone has allowed the Fallers to create a large number of cuvées with distinctive expressions that are highly influenced by the soil. For Gewürztraminer that means power yet elegance and precision of aromas and flavors. Reserve Personnelle comes from 25-year-old vines in the valley floor vineyards of the historic Clos, which features soils consisting of sand, alluvium, granite gravel, and pebbles. This composition allows a quick heating of the soil, leading to powerfully aromatic wines that mature relatively early, and are quite approachable and complex even when young. Reserve Personnelle gives off characteristically powerful aromas of rose petal, tropical fruit, and clove, elegantly balanced with layers of carnation, citrus fruit, candied orange peel, and a hint of smoky bacon. The finish is long, precise, and makes you want to go back for another sip.

As much as I love these spiced aromatic wines with Thai and Indian dishes, for me the perfect pairing is the simplest. Head to your favorite cheese shop and have them cut you some wedges of pungent, soft-ripened cheeses. Try local regional cheeses such as Bardwell Cavemaster's Reserve Barden Blue, Von Trapp Farmstead Oma, and Cato Corner Hooligan. Take these home with a nice crusty baguette, plate the cheeses, pour yourself a glass of Domaine Weinbach Gewürztraminer Reserve Personnelle, and let yourself drift away as the cool evening breeze wafts through your window.


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A ripe, luscious, powerful Gewurz featuring floral aromas, spiced ripe apricots, and undertones of cThe sunny microclimate of Kaysersberg Valley as well as the variety of soils ranging from granite to limestone has allowed the Fallers to create a ... more
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Reg. $25.99

Since 1691 the Wine estate DOMAINE VALENTIN ZUSSLIN is based in the east of France on the Bollenberg, The Clos Liebenberg (Monople) and the Pfingstberg Grand Cru hill-side. The Domain is completely led on the biodynamic culture principles to re-... more
Sku: 038263