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Follow the Buyer! Sadie Flateman 
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Sadie's's Bio

Sadie has liked wine as far back as she can remember, but it was spending a few summers in France as a kid that she grew accustomed to wine as an essential part of the table. When Sadie delved into this idea as a young adult, she found it embodied in principles of Slow Food. She's passionate about art and the culinary arts, and especially wine — for its infinite styles, experiential aspects, entertainment, sense of unity, and continuity of tradition.

Sadie holds a certificate from the Sommelier Society of America and continues to educate herself amongst the very knowledgeable staff at 67, as well as through individual study and visiting vineyards throughout the world.

Buyer of: Portugal, Loire, Beaujolais, California: Whites & Merlot, Israel, Sake, and Dessert Wines


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Reg. $14.99

'Made from 100% Alvarinho, Vinho Verde's most noble white grape. Vinho Verdes like Regueiro are a rare find: high quality for value white; plenty of character now, but has potential to age. So well woven with richness and lengthy acidity, this wine ... more
Sku: P60444

Reg. $16.99
On Sale $13.99

Filipa Campos Pato is one of Portugal's most inspiring winemakers. Taking after her father Luis Pato, she is at the helm of a movement to save authentic, old vine baga and preserve the regional wines of Bairrada -which have been made by her family ... more
Sku: P58247

Reg. $19.99

This wine takes easy drinking to the next level. Pretty red-berry and floral aromas, with a touch of earthiness. Medium-bodied with poise and follow-through. At 12 percent alcohol, this wine is easy to drink, especially with a slight chill. La Cuvˇe  more
Sku: P60516

Reg. $15.99

This is the ultimate Thanksgiving (glugging) wine, and Beaujolais is a total bird-pairing classic. Weighing in at 12 percent alcohol, this wine will make you giddy for hours without having to worry about slurring your words. An enticing, bright ruby  more
Sku: P59492