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Sadie has liked wine as far back as she can remember, but it was spending a few summers in France as a kid that she grew accustomed to wine as an essential part of the table. When Sadie delved into this idea as a young adult, she found it embodied in principles of Slow Food. She's passionate about art and the culinary arts, and especially wine — for its infinite styles, experiential aspects, entertainment, sense of unity, and continuity of tradition.

Sadie holds a certificate from the Sommelier Society of America and continues to educate herself amongst the very knowledgeable staff at 67, as well as through individual study and visiting vineyards throughout the world.


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This week I have a treat for the curious wine consumer who has a taste for the Old World: two wines from Portugal, a red and a white. I chose them for their authenticity and the way they exemplify their respective DOCs.

Sidónio de Sousa Reserva Tinto 2008
Arenae Malvasia de Colares 2008


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Sidónio de Sousa Reserva Tinto 2008

This full-bodied wine has a complex nose, savory and cellar aromas; beyond that come generous ripe fruits: cherry, red currant, cedar and miscellaneous floral notes.The structure is built from moderate spice and tannin, with balanced acidity. This all adds up to a very straight forward food pairing: roast meats. In Bairrada, this would very likely mean roast suckling pig. And while this wine is suitable for any day of the week, it has enough complexity to allow for more sophisticated interpretations of the pairing.

Arenae Malvasia de Colares 2008

Serve it chilled with very fresh seafood, which the Portuguese coast is so famous for. Try snapper in cockle sauce and prawns, a dish that highlights the richness of the sea.

Sidónio de Sousa Reserva Tinto 2008

I like that this wine is not referencing anything else.Little is done to alter what the grape says on its own. And I’ve noticed that it unwinds nicely, releasing even more fruit on its second day open.

Arenae Malvasia de Colares 2008

Deep, sandy soil has prevented phyloxera in the Colares, a DOC since 1909. I was attracted to this wine for the rarity of ungrafted and pre-phyloxera vines. The vineyards location on the westernmost tip of continental Europe produces a completely unique wine with a dramatic Atlantic influence. The vineyards are protected from the wind by man-made fences, making for a dramatic landscape.

Sidónio de Sousa Reserva Tinto 2008

The baga grape can be challenging to work with, overcoming its potential for high yields and high tannin. Once ubiquitous in the Bairrada region in central Portugal, by the 1980s it was nearly extinct, having been replaced by international varietals. There are now only a handful of producers who still have their old Baga plantings. Most of them belong to Baga Friends, a coalition formed by the winemaker Filipa Pato. Reserva Tinto, the midlevel wine from Sidonio deSousa, is produced in the moderate climate of Bairrada, and made without the addition of yeast. The wine is aged for one year in large, old Portuguese oak barrels.

Arenae Malvasia de Colares 2008

This wine, from the cooperative winery of Colares, has subtlety and depth. The flavors are kind of salty and herbal, with honeysuckle, stony white peach and citrus fruits. It gives a sensation of fullness in the mouth with slight tannin. It’s unusual enough that it makes you want to lean in to hear what it has to say.

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