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Alsatian Wine

Wines from Alsace, France

Alsace makes primarily high quality white wine. Alsace is one of the few wine regions of Europe that labels its fine wine by grape variety rather than by place name, though vineyard names can be added to the variety. The primary grape varieties of Alsace are Riesling, Pinot Gris (the same grape as Italian Pinot Grigio), Pinot Blanc, and Gewurztraminer. Alsatian wines enjoy a wide popularity in France, and are a staple of the restaurant trade there.

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A very clean tasting wine. A little lemon curd, a little peach. Fairly dry, but not high acidity by any means. A perfect accompaniment for soft cheeses, with enough flavor to handle a low acidity tomato.... more
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A ripe, luscious, powerful Gewurz featuring floral aromas, spiced ripe apricots, and undertones of cThe sunny microclimate of Kaysersberg Valley as well as the variety of soils ranging from granite to limestone has allowed the Fallers to create a ... more
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Expressive aromas of ginger and cured meats. Densely packed, sweet and tactile, with extravagant flavors of mirabelle, spices and flowers. Offers a near-perfect combination of sugars and acids and a dusty impression of extract. Finishes with ... more
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The wine appears through the sensibility of an artist. Young and impulsive, it shares with you its poetry and its intimacy. Named after the famous sixteenth-century collection of poems, the Livret de Folastries, or "book of follies", by French ... more
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Fresh and mineral nose with light notes of tropical fruits (lychee, pineapple and papaya). Palate is fruity and well balanced with a good acidity.Varietal: Muscat Blanc, Sylvaner, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, RieslingEnjoy with oysters with curry ... more
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Bright Citrus peal, quince and herb nose with concentrated floral and white pepper notes,Powerful ... more
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The grapes are harvested from Trimbach’s own vineyards and about 120 growers with whom the family has long-term relationships. The grapes are harvested in late September/early October and vinified at the Trimbach winery. The two grapes are fermented  more
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