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Spanish Wines

Spain is one of the largest grape-growing and winemaking countries in the world, with numerous diverse wine regions. The most famous regions for red wine are Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro and Priorat. Up and coming regions include Bierzo, Jumilla and Navarra. White wine regions include Rueda and Rias Baixas.

The most common grape used in red wine is Tempranillo, which is the predominant grape in Rioja, Ribera del Duero (known there as Tinto de Pais) and Toro (known there as Tinto de Toro). Grenache, or Garnacha in Spanish, may be the main grape in the Southern Rhone valley of France, but more Garnacha is grown in Spain than anywhere else. Syrah and Camernet Sauvignon have made inroads in Spain as well.

White wine varieties include Albariño, Macabeo (Veura), Verdejo and Godello.

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The pedro ximénez variety constitutes—together with moscatel and palomino fino—the trio of historic Andalusian varieties. Having reigned for centuries as the predominant one in the vineyards of the Montilla-Moriles region, its versatility allows the  more
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COLOUR: Light chestnut bright gold colour. NOSE: Pungent and complex bouquet, inimitable nutty and dried fig deep flavour and character, both soft and strong. PALATE: Silky dry on palate with a long, complex and elegant finish.Takes a dry, taut ... more
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COLOUR: Rich brown colour. NOSE: Wonderful nutty nose with hints of apricots. PALATE: Gorgeous with subtle suggestions of flowers, dried fruit and toasted nuts, uncloying sweetness. Dark and creamy.Alvear produces a non-vintage Cream, which is ... more
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COLOUR: Pale straw in colour. NOSE: Fresh, yeasty, crusty-bread nose with notes of salty almonds. PALATE: Clean and tangy with a refreshing finish and a softness which makes it delightfully easy to drink.Made from a biological rearing (under a ... more
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“En Rama” means that it is unblended and has not been stabilized and only lightly filtered to enhance its individuality. This is a unique product, the first ever made “single vintage” Fino in modern history.Nice partner for ... more
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COLOUR: Dark amber colour with hues of old gold. NOSE: Deep, raisiny and nutty intense aromas and dry to very dry flavour. PALATE: Reminiscent of delicate toasted pastries. It is silky and soft on the palate with hints of tasted walnut and nuts. ... more
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COLOUR: Gold pale in colour. NOSE: Delicate and fresh. Pears and flowers in the aromas. PALATE: Slightly sweet. It is very fresh and smooth. Very pleasant.It is a pale sweet wine, which preserves the colour and freshness of the Fino with a gentle ... more
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The name tells you all about this wine’s origin: this sweet young wine is obtained through drying the Pedro Ximenez grapes on mats in the sun. It is the best way of bringing an intense Andalusian summer sun to your table from a single harvest.  more
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COLOUR: Deep mahogany colour. NOSE: With a slight burnt touch, and a full, soft, somewhat raisiny flavour. PALATE: Clean finish and a lingering sweetness in the mouth.When an Oloroso is sweetened with some concentrated Pedro Ximenez sweet wine, it  more
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The surprising originality of Botani is the fruit from a rigorous process of grape selection and the great care taken in the winemaking process. The grapes used in this wine come from the vines from Almachar that grow on the north-facing mountainous  more
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Special Selection comes from vineyards that are about 30 years old in the mountains of Axarquía, situated at an altitude of approximately 400 m. After the manual harvest, the grapes are brought to a selection table in the winery and, later, to the ... more
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