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Portuguese Wine

Wines of Portugal

The least understood of major wine producing countries, Portugal clings tenaciously to its centuries-old traditions. On the one hand, this is positive, in that Portugal still has vast acres devoted to its intriguing native varieties, and a number of quality minded producers are now making unique world-class wines out of these grapes. However, highly skilled winemaking is not the norm.

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One of the oldest port houses, Quinta do Noval is also arguably the greatest. It is unique among the top houses in that most of the ports are made from estate-grown fruit and, notably, all of the vintage Noval wines are from the single Quinta do ... more
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Dow’s LBV is a full rich Port with spicy ripe fruit flavours and an elegant aromatic nose. Well rounded on the palate and has the traditional Dow’s drier finish which makes it one of the finest LBV Ports available.Deep ruby hue. Rich, grape-y and ... more
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Vintage Port is the outstanding wine of an outstanding year. Perhaps on average only three times in a decade is the weather suitable for the declaration of a Vintage year and only a small handful of vineyards in the Alto Douro produce wines of the ... more
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Taylor’s Single Harvest 1863, drawn from the firm’s collection of very rare and valuable cask aged Ports, represents a unique piece of wine history. Like a time capsule, it offers a fascinating glimpse into a distant past.

The harvest of 1863  more
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