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Portuguese Wine

Wines of Portugal

The least understood of major wine producing countries, Portugal clings tenaciously to its centuries-old traditions. On the one hand, this is positive, in that Portugal still has vast acres devoted to its intriguing native varieties, and a number of quality minded producers are now making unique world-class wines out of these grapes. However, highly skilled winemaking is not the norm.

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Descended from the fiery Ruby Porto wines originally shipped by George Sandeman in 1790, Sandeman Ruby Porto is still made traditionally, to be rich and robust, yet with a special depth of flavour and the finesse, achieved by expertly blending wines  more
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Churchill's 10 Year Old Tawny starts its life like young Vintage Port. Although fully aged in wood, it still retains the freshness of youth, which is reflected in its darker brick red colour and lively finish."Unquestionably the finest Tawny I’ve ... more
Sku: 130058

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Bin No. 27 is produced primarily from grapes from Fonseca’s own quintas in the Cima Corgo—exceptional fruit that results in a wine of high quality and consistency from year to year. In the winery, the newly developed, robotic “Port Toes” ... more
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One of the oldest port houses, Quinta do Noval is also arguably the greatest. It is unique among the top houses in that most of the ports are made from estate-grown fruit and, notably, all of the vintage Noval wines are from the single Quinta do ... more
Sku: P59861

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  Sku: 580042

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This is a fruity, ripe wine, but on the dry side. The palate shows dried fruits, spice, fresh acidity, and a good balance between oak attrbutes and forward fruitiness. It’s just right as a 10-year old tawny.Our Tawny Ports are characterized by  more
Sku: 053608

Reg. $29.99

Bottled in 2003, this LBV is ready to drink. It is very sweet with notes of toffee and almond, along with mature fruit flavors of raisin. The downside is that the alcohol seems to stand out on the palate, giving a burning aftertaste.Our Vintage ... more
Sku: 053538

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Cockburn’s Special Reserve is the world’s most popular premium port. Special Reserve is a medium dark ruby color, with a deep garnet edge. The blend has a clean aroma, showing maturity and finesse, with a hint of dried plums. Off dry to medium sweet, more
Sku: 006856

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Pinkish-brown hue. Dried cranberry and cherries on the nose and palate, along with cinnamon stick and roasted nuts. Medium-sweet with an underlying salty tang.... more
Sku: 006722

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Noval swam against the tide by declaring 2012 as well as the famous 2011. Blackish purple well out to the rim. I find I am almost tempted to write my favourite tasting note: Mmmmm. But that wouldn't be very useful. I love the savoury balsam undertow  more
Sku: P60043

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