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Italian Wine - Emilia-Romagna

Emilia-Romagna is the wine region around the city of Bologna in central Italy. It's most famous wine is Lambrusco. They are also home to many other wines made from grapes indigenous to the region.

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Reg. $16.99

This 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara is sourced born from a 12.5 acre vineyard in the “Cristo” locality of Sorbara, the original vineyard owned by Cavicchioli family. Sorbara is a naturally low yielding grape variety which flowers with great ... more
Sku: 053413

Reg. $16.99

Nothing shy about this Lambrusco! We get loads of dark berries and spice. Will pull off wonders with pizza, cured meats, chickpea fritters, and yes, fried chicken.... more
Sku: 200074

Reg. $11.99

The Castellazzo Lambrusco is a natural wine without any chemical additive Nature is alive; giving the wine different characteristic every year. Perfect with traditional “emiliana” cuisine, Parmigiano Reggiano and prosciutto.... more
Sku: 052179

Reg. $17.99

Famed Tuscany winemaker Luca d’Attoma consults for the Ca’ Montanari—Opera ’02, truthfully the sexiest Lambrusco. The wine is just slightly off-dry and pairs wonderfully with air-cured meats, sharp cheeses and fresh fruit. It’s the type of wine that  more
Sku: 044908

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Top quality Lambrusco is increasingly being imported into the U.S. This is a complex dry wine with a gentle fizz which is a far cry from the the cloying sweet stuff from the 70s and 80s.... more
Sku: 026752

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"A brilliant choice... Dry, crisp, lively and effervescent, with earthy fruit flavors."
-Eric Asimov, New York Times Nov 9, ... more
Sku: 026751

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Located between Modena and Reggiano Emilia, Villa Castellazzo controls every phase of grape growing and wine making production on their 67 acres of vineyards and in the cellar. Farming organically since 2005, the vineyards are now certified organic.  more
Sku: 052180

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Lambrusco, a lightly sparkling, slightly sweet red wine is served well-chilled, and so is a godsend in the summer, when simpler fare, especially grilled or cured meats, call for a similarly light-hearted wine. Lambrusco makes an exceptional, if ... more
Sku: 052078

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Hailing from Emilia Romagna – home of Ducati, Ferarri, and Parmigiano Reggiano – this frizzante Malvasia pops like champagne and drinks like beer. It pours a cloudy yellow-amber color and has pleasing aromas of ale and fresh basil, along with a lip ... more
Sku: 044057