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Spanish Wines

Spain is one of the largest grape-growing and winemaking countries in the world, with numerous diverse wine regions. The most famous regions for red wine are Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Toro and Priorat. Up and coming regions include Bierzo, Jumilla and Navarra. White wine regions include Rueda and Rias Baixas.

The most common grape used in red wine is Tempranillo, which is the predominant grape in Rioja, Ribera del Duero (known there as Tinto de Pais) and Toro (known there as Tinto de Toro). Grenache, or Garnacha in Spanish, may be the main grape in the Southern Rhone valley of France, but more Garnacha is grown in Spain than anywhere else. Syrah and Camernet Sauvignon have made inroads in Spain as well.

White wine varieties include Albariño, Macabeo (Veura), Verdejo and Godello.

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Harveys Bristol Cream is deep golden in colour with fragrant aromas of candied orange, dried fruit and toasted almonds. Keep a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream chilling in your fridge and serve on the rocks with a slice of orange. After opening ... more
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Produced since 1906, Dry Sack is easily recognizable by its distinctive sack-cloth bag and sleek bottle.Color - Amber Bouquet - Intense aromas of dried nuts. Taste - Full-bodied and balanced. Lightly sweet, not too dry nor too sweet. Decadent  more
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With fluctuating temperatures in Spring followed by cooling sea breezes in early summer, the flor influence has been considerable. This bottle offers a pungent yeasty aroma with smooth complex flavors.... more
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The Sherry was destined at a young age to become an Oloroso, meaning that it was aged in the oxidative process. Right after the completely dry fermentation, this wine was fortified to 18% alcohol to withstand its special aging for the next five ... more
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The world’s best-selling Fino Uncompromisingly dry Always served cold from the fridge Always kept and served just like a white wine Drunk, once opened, within 4 or 5 days Fantastic with food – especially savoury nibbles such as Jamon Iberico, ... more
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The prune, mocha, licorice root, date and toasted caraway seed notes are expansive and richly layered, with hints of green tea and chocolate-covered ginger on the finish. Shows power, length and cut through the intense finish. Drink now.—J.M.... more
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Aged longer than your typical Fino, Valdespino Fino Inocente remains under the flor (the yeast that grows naturally on the wines, protecting the wine from the atmosphere) for 8 years. (Typically time under flor is 3 years. Flor itself can be kept ... more
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Old gold colour with green reflections. Very sharp and penetrating on the nose. Remarkable hints of oak. The palate is smooth and full-bodied, dry, elegant, rich and persistent. This wine can be described as fino Amontillado. Bottled: ... more
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Palo Cortado is a rare variety of sherry that is initially aged under flor to become a fino or amontillado, but inexplicably loses its veil of flor and begins aging oxidatively as an oloroso. The result is a wine with some of the richness of oloroso  more
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Varietal Notes: Palomino Fino Aging: The origins of this wine are a Manzanilla. The wine undergoes biological and oxidative aging in Sanlucar and eventually finishes its life in oxidative aging in Jerez. The wine is over 30 years old. Notes: ... more
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