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Jura - French Wine

The Jura was formerly a large, important wine region, but today there are less than 4,700 acres of vineyards — a fraction of the former total. Its wines are not well known outside the region, but are noted for their quality and uniqueness; three local varieties, Savagnin, Trousseau and Poulsard (known locally as Plousard), are grown nowhere else in France.

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This is a great toasting wine from eastern France that's a bit fruity with hints of citrus, almonds and fresh-baked bread. The name `Blanc de Blanc` means it's made only from Chardonnay grapes, rather than the traditional blend of Chardonnay.... more
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Plousard, another heirloom grape, may have a light body but has huge flavor. This is an incredibly interesting ,great red wine that pairs well with light food.... more
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Vin Jaune, French for ‘yellow wine,’ is a type of wine that is aged under flor, a yeast cap that forms occasionally in wine barrels. This style of wine is super complex, and is a very rare, dry wine in an oxidative style.... more
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Savignin, a grape that only grows in the Jura, is complex, rich, and has just a touch of oxidation. This wine is perfect with foods heavy with cumin.... more
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Trousseau, the spicy cousin of Poulsard, has good intensity, with great red fruit and black pepper notes.... more
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Michel Gahier, from the village of Montigny-les-Arsures, produces very little of his Ploussard. His wine is brilliant and focused, with wild flavors.... more
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