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Japanese Sake and Wine

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Reg. $15.99

A combination of fresh spring water, Yamada Nishiki rice (known as the ‘king of sake rice’), Gohyakumangoku rice milled to 50%, and the skill of the sake master, result in this classic example of a Fushimi style Junmai Daiginjo… Horin ... more
Sku: 052021

Reg. $20.99

A sake from the Kyoto prefecture, known for its clean, soft mountain water. This is a medium bodied sake with aromas of grape and sweet rice. Its creamy texture is accompanied by herbal notes and hints of white pepper. This is a great sake to simply  more
Sku: 044812

Reg. $5.99

This sparkling sake is light with carbonation naturally produced by secondary fermentation. It is a lively, medium bodied sparkling sake with hints of tropical fruits and Asian pear. This sake ends with a light, refreshing finish. Drink it chilled ... more
Sku: 043734