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Languedoc-Roussillon - French Wines

The region known as Languedoc-Roussillon is a very heterogeneous expanse, made up of five different modern Departments and parts of two different historical Provinces. It encompasses over 25 distinct Appellations of Origin and many Vins de Pays.

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Brilliant robe with green tints.A young floral nose, a symphony of aromas blending citrus fruit ... more
Sku: P58709

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Tasting Notes : The wine where the southern accents appears raises a beautiful red colour with purplish highlights. The nose is expressive with an elegant mix of tapenade, nutmeg and black cherry. The fruity mouth stays smooth with prune, mocha ... more
Sku: 034000

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  Sku: P43883

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'By any means neccessary' Get your old school fix with this great Minervois red. A compex earthy medium bodied wine.... more
Sku: 057409

Reg. $8.99

Crisp and clean with a beautiful texture. This is a blend of Gros Manseng, Sauvignon Blanc, and ... more
Sku: P57605

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  Sku: P9430

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  Sku: P8786

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Why artisanal winemaker Thierry Forestier calls this incredibly delicious wine Anatheme, french for Anathema isn't quite clear to me. I suspect thought that it may have something to do with it being made principally from Aramon, a grape that until ... more
Sku: P59064

Reg. $21.99

Crisp, clean and amazing Altesse- super mineral, with just a hint of citrus and lots of clay ... more
Sku: P58734

Reg. $42.99

clean and mineral. Bright with a nose of pears and stone, then a distinct spiced and dry. ... more
Sku: P58530

Reg. $80.99

100% Savagnin.
,Ganevat favors using large vats and humid cellars for his oxidative wines. ... more
Sku: P58448

Reg. $34.99

A classically rustic languedoc red with intense aromas of dark fruit, herbs, and irony minerality. LStarting out and a gorgeous 2010 that?s comprised of 50% Carignan, 30% Grenache and 20% Cinsault, Barral?s 2010 Faugeres spent upwards of two years ... more
Sku: P57801

Reg. $25.99

Crisp, Floral and intense, this is a great example of Savignin. A rare treat from the Jura, and at ... more
Sku: P57746

Reg. $11.99

A core of cherry and coco flavors hold this amazing value from the bandol region of provance ... more
Sku: P57653

Reg. $41.99

Phillip Bonard is a billiant dedicated and intense vigneron. This is his bottling of one of the ... more
Sku: P57450

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