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Portuguese Wine

Wines of Portugal

The least understood of major wine producing countries, Portugal clings tenaciously to its centuries-old traditions. On the one hand, this is positive, in that Portugal still has vast acres devoted to its intriguing native varieties, and a number of quality minded producers are now making unique world-class wines out of these grapes. However, highly skilled winemaking is not the norm.

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Nortico is produced on the south bank of the Minho river in such small plots they're called ”jardins," gardens in Portuguese.

Nortico Alvarinho is a superb example of the grape’s qualities: fresh-citrus, peach and tropical fruit aromas.

This  click for more details
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The Vera Vinho Verde is a blend of 60% Arinto, 30% Azal and 10% Loureiro from select blocks of Casa do Valle's main estate vineyard. The vines are between 10 and 15 years old and grow at an average elevation of 300 meters on granitic sandy loam. The  click for more details
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Hints of white pulp fruits, such as apples and pears, come together harmoniously in the mouth, with a persistent fresh feel.... click for more details
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the Alvarinho grapes used in the Soalheiro came from several small vineyards planted in granite soil between 100 and 200 meters and located in a very particular microclimate. Melgaco region, the northern point of Portugal, is protected by a range ... click for more details
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resents a pale citrine color. This is a smooth and fresh wine with a delicate and fruity aroma, young and balanced.... click for more details
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A fresh, uncomplicated wine, made and sold in large quantities. There is sweetness, along with clean, easy lemon fruits and a touch of acidity. 84 Points Wine EnthusiastGazela has a very light yellow citrine color, with a slight fizz that enhances ... click for more details
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