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Peloponnese in the south is the most well known wine region, perhaps due to its proximity to Athens and the resulting wine tourism. Aghiorghitiko is the star grape variety, producing medium to full bodied wines with great personality.

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Pronounced Mo-sko-FEEL-ero, hailing from the center of Peloponnese peninsulam. Medium-bodied, Greek dry white. An aromatic, crisp, stainless-steel fermented white wine with a perfumed nose of herb, honey, and red berries.
The floral, citrus-... more
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Mavrodaphne of Patras is one of the most famous and tasteful Greek wines. It is a red sweet wine, produced from grapes grown in the northwestern region of Achaia. Characteristic of this variety is that the longer it ages the more its merits emerge. ... more
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