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Over 60 percent of Pfalz wine is white, although red wines are seeing the most growth. Dornfelder is the most popular red grape while more ambitious growers are turning to Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), many with excellent results. Some fine, full-bodied white wine is made from Gewürztraminer, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) and Scheurebe, which grow well in the region.

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Explosive aromas of white flowers and white peach withan apple and pear skin edge and roasted hazelnuts. The palate is pure, clean, and fresh.... more
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Fresh ripe apples, pears, and pear skin with hints of citrus, and racy minerality and acidity. Beautifully balanced with just a hint of sweetness.... more
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Racy and lovable. That description aptly describes our vineyard hare as well as our new Gewurtztraminer. Gewurtztraminer is the perfect choice for those times when you are in the mood for something exciting and a little bit different. Our Hare Label  more
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The classic. Riesling in an easy to drink, easy to enjoy, off-dry style is sweeping the world, and our little Bird has been at the forefront of this movement. All of this new found celebrity has not gone to his head however, and he still enjoys a ... more
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Purity, youthfulness and naturalness are the best attributes of a wine from the Herrgottsacker. Its bright fruits are resplendent even in the glass. Its individuality is underpinned by sophisticated herbal aromas. On the tongue it always shows hot-... more
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Founded in 1849, Reichsrat von Buhl is located in Deidesheim, Germany. The estate is owned by the Niederberger family but has been leased to a Japanese operating company since 1989. The team is comprised of estate manager Stefan Weber, winemaker ... more
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