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Provence - French Wine

Picturesque region on the Mediterranean coast in southern France; noted for the local dialect, Provençal, as well as its ruggedly beautiful scenery and delightful wines. Provence has been an active trading center for many centuries and as a result grows a wide range of varieties, some of which are more closely associated with distant regions.

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Reg. $12.99

A light classic style Provence rose with delicate aromas of strawberry red plum and melon balanced by just the right amount of zippy acidity.A lively version, with light tea, sandalwood and watermelon notes backed by a floral finish. Breezy and ... more
Sku: 022573

Reg. $17.99

This brilliant salmon colored rose features delicate aromas of melon and white stone fruit. On the palate it is fresh, clean, herbed, with peppery accents of watercress.Founded in 1864 and now 32 hectares, the name of the Domaine comes from the ... more
Sku: P58888

Reg. $49.99

The powerful, elegant nose combines white fruits and wild strawberry, alongside citrus zest with light cardamom notes.,Soft, firm structure in the mouth, balanced by a crispiness with fruity notes and a touch of grapefruit.Very fresh, with notes of ... more
Sku: P58708

Reg. $10.99

This pale straw-colored wine is 60% Chardonnay and 40% Ugni Blanc. Aromas and flavors are full, fresh and citrusy. Recommended to pair with shellfish.... more
Sku: 034025

Reg. $18.99

pretty notes of mineral water, melon rind and orange blossom to go with a medium-bodied, refreshing and lip-smacking good palateOffers classic aromas of wild strawberries and red currants, with a light, floral character and a crisp, bone-dry palate.... more
Sku: P58992

Reg. $9.99

Grown on the slopes of the Esterel mountain, not far from Antibes and Cannes, these wines rank with the very best of Provence. Enormous care is taken over the vinification. Light and refreshing making it perfect as an apertif or light dishes.... more
Sku: 035025

Reg. $27.99

Ripe black fruit core backed by herbal elegance, and firm tannic structure.,... more
Sku: 051159

Reg. $39.99

Ripe, sweet black fruit and floral notes backed by hints of garigue. The palate is fresh and earthy with a lingering licorice finish.Made only in special vintages, this wine is made for ”long aging” as the name implies. It is a huge ... more
Sku: P60715

Reg. $37.49
24% discount on 6 bottles for $170.94

Ritual of blending for this cuvee Vespro in which the Cabernet Sauvignon freshness lively combines with the silkiness and the spicies of Syrah. Structured, complex, with delicate and well fused tannins, Vespro will charm lovers of southern wines in ... more
Sku: 2007288  

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  Sku: 2001965  

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  Sku: 2001957  

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