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Dickel No.8 is an 80 proof and is very clean and balanced with a hint of sweetness.Harvest gold color. Sooty aromas of fireplace ashes, tobacco leaf and lanolin vie for attention. In the mouth, the base flavor is toasted grain while supplementary ... more
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Benjamin Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey is distilled in the style of the traditional Tennessee whiskey like our fifth generation grandfather Benjamin made way back in the early 1800’s. He made his whiskey in Davidson County, Tennessee from  more
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Jack Danielís Single Barrel whiskey is as individual as the variations in the oak wood from barrel to barrel. As a result, bottles drawn from individual barrels will offer subtle differences in nose, color and taste. It is a mature dark amber ... more
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Jack Daniel's Green Label is a lighter, less mature whiskey with a lighter color and character. The barrels selected for Green Label tend to be on the lower floors and more toward the center of the warehouse where the whiskey matures more slowly.... more
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