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Reg. $49.99

"Cardenal Mendoza" Classico is a Solera Gran Reserva Brandy, the highest category within the regulating council "Brandy de Jerez". The holandas of the highest quality from the alquitaras are aged using the traditional method of soleras and criaderas  more
Sku: 002819

Reg. $59.99

This blend with very little wood influence, displays a predominance of fruity aromas, along with a variety of other flavours, including prunes, candied orange zest and quince to name but a few. A straight armagnac that is highly strung but ... more
Sku: P57438

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  Sku: 165852

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Full of life, METAXA 5 Stars lies at the heart of the METAXA family. With a bottle inspired by ancient Greek architecture, its spirit captures the warmth of the sun. Colour: dark honey Aroma: more raisiny than fruity, subtly woody Taste: mellow, more
Sku: 003429